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Automotive accidents can be prevented if people would pay more attention to the rules of the road, use turn signals, obey speed limits and be courteous and attentive drivers. Unfortunately, human error plays a large part in nearly every automotive accident, be it motorcycle, car or truck. These accidents can potentially alter the life of those involved drastically. If you've been involved in an automotive accident then it's crucial to pursue legal action against the responsible party, so as to make sure that your medical bills and other expenses are paid for, and you are able to recover with as little stress as possible.


A professional Beaverton personal injury attorney such as Ernest M. Jenks can help expedite this process immensely. Through his expert legal counsel, Ernest M. Jenks has helped provide successful legal claims in auto accidents, as well as legal workers compensation and other personal injury claims for over two decades. With a massive area of service, his firm has been dealing with a variety of types of legal representation with success all over Portland and the surrounding communities. His expertise lies in work related, personal injury and automotive accidents. Through his career as an attorney, he has been given numerous accolades that have caused him to be widely known as one of the best car accident attorney's in Portland, Hillsboro, Tigard and beyond.


Whether you've been injured on the job, been involved in a car accident caused by negligent or irresponsible action on part of another, or are struggling to acquire workers compensation, call Ernest M. Jenks today to schedule a completely free consultation. A professional attorney will review your case, and advise you as to the best course of action to take in pursuing it legally. Don't wait! Call today!

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