Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Oregon, Personal Injury Litigation Aloha, OR 

It's no secret that motorcycle accidents are treacherous and often extremely traumatic. These accidents can also place a tremendous burden on those suffering and their families. With a high rate of fatality and severe, debilitating injury, there's no question as to why legal action is a necessity in the case of such an accident. Often times, these accidents can easily be prevented. If drivers would pay attention to the rules of the road, if the state would maintain its signs and roads, these accidents can be avoided. In these cases, the family or individual suffering from a motorcycle accident shouldn't be forced to fend for themselves psychologically and financially. While there are few ways to truly make up for the loss that these accidents cause, lessening the financial burden can substantially reduce stress.


Obviously, the first thing someone should do in the case of a motorcycle accident is seek immediate medical assistance. All injuries, large and small should be accounted for. Far too often, people neglect to mention smaller injuries, which go unnoticed, only to resurface as major health concerns further along down the road. After seeking medical assistance, pick up your phone and call Ernest M. Jenks, a professional personal injury litigation attorney, based in Aloha, OR, and serving Portland, Hillsboro, Beaverton and beyond. Professional legal counsel, such as that offered by Ernest M. Jenks PC, vastly increases your odds of having a speedy and fruitful legal case made against the responsible party.


For over two decades, Ernest M. Jenks has been providing his expertise to those suffering as the result of preventable motorcycle accidents and their families. He is also widely regarded as one of the top motorcycle accident lawyers in Oregon, due to his successful track record. Call today and schedule a free consultation, where a licensed attorney will thoroughly review your case and postulate on the best way of attacking your legal claim. Call now!