Wrongful Death Lawyer Aloha, Medical Malpractice, Fatal Injury Attorney 

If you've recently lost a loved one due to negligence or an accident caused by the irresponsible actions or non-actions of another, we understand your pain. Every year, there are thousands of preventable deaths due to people's irresponsibility and carelessness. There is no way to amend the loss and grief that stems from losing a loved one. Ernest M. Jenks, a prominent name in medical malpractice law out of Aloha Oregon, recognizes that steps can be taken to lessen the stress of finances and bills to give you and your family more time to grieve. If your loved one has passed due to negligence, malpractice or another preventable method that involved irresponsibility or neglect on the part of another, you should pursue a legal case against those responsible.


During your time of loss, you should be given ample breathing room to allow you to cope with the flood of emotions that surface during these tragic times. Your spare minutes should be spent as you please; not worrying about financial arrangements and unpaid bills. Hiring a professional fatal injury attorney, such as Ernest M. Jenks, is an effective method of making sure that these bills and fees are taken care of. For over two decades, Ernest M. Jenks has been providing the families of those taken prematurely due to negligence with expert legal counsel, and has successfully overseen hundreds of legal claims against those responsible for wrongful deaths.


If your loved one has left too soon as the result of wrongful death, then call Ernest M. Jenks today! As one of the most successful wrongful death lawyers in Aloha, Portland, Beaverton and beyond, he will expertly take head of your claim, and make ends meet for you. You will spend less time worrying about finances and more time doing things that are important. Call today!