Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer Beaverton, Personal injury Attorney Portland 

Motorcycle accidents are perhaps some of the most tragic and potentially devastating things that can happen in the life of a cyclist. Due to the largely unprotected nature of a motorcycle, injuries caused by accidents while riding – even small ones – can often carry grave medical consequences for the rider and their passenger. It is imperative that those involved in a motorcycle accident quickly seek medical attention, and then legal counsel. Doing so may ensure compensation for any injury, trauma or property damage caused by the negligent action of another, which resulted in the accident.


Even seemingly small medical injuries can lead to harsh complications down the line and may not even manifest themselves for years or decades later. It is vital that if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident that you seek a motorcycle accident injury lawyer in Beaverton, Portland or a surrounding community to figure out your best course of action. Ernest M. Jenks, PC is a professional legal firm operating out of Aloha, OR, which provides expert legal aid to those involved in these accidents. For over two decades he has provided those injured or traumatized by motorcycle accidents with the legal representation they deserve.


Don't allow a motorcycle accident to ruin your life! While physical impairments as the result of the accident may be severe, you don't need to sit victim to unnecessary financial stress caused by the accident! Our legal expertise can help you decide on the best course of action in taking initiative to repair your life after an accident. Call Ernest M. Jenks, professional personal injury attorney serving Portland, Tigard, Aloha, Beaverton and beyond today and schedule a free consultation, where a licensed attorney will review your case! Don't allow your life to fall apart due to paying off medical bills as the result of an accident! Get the legal help you need today!