• Chris Valencia vs GEP BTL, LLC, 247 Or App 115, 269 P.3d 65 (2011)
    Court of Appeals provided workers' prerequisite requirements to receive supplemental disability payments.

  • Tri-Met Inc, v. Wolfe, 192 Or App 556, 86 P.3d 111 (2004)
    Penalties can be assessed against workers' compensation insurer for two separate processing errors for failing to timely process an original claim for benefits and for failing to pay medical benefits.

  • Sound Elevator v. Zwingraf, 181 Or.App. 150 (2002)
    Employers are bound by language of written denial.
  • C.W.McCallen Construction Co. v. MacDonald, 172 Or.App.738 (2001)
    Worker involved in an assault at work gets Workers' Comp benefits.
  • Galbralth v. LA Potstratz, (1996)
    Insurance carrier's response to issues is a denial.