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Dealing with a personal injury, automotive accident or other, similarly related case wherein you have been injured due to negligent action or non-action of another business or individual is a traumatic, grueling process. The process can take months, sometimes years of brutal, grinding negotiations to close. Naturally, nobody wants to feel responsible for injuring another. That is why businesses, individuals and insurance companies will do what it takes to ensure they aren't losing money, even when evidence of fault is overwhelmingly piled on top of them. Throughout the history of the American legal system, thousands of people who've been injured by no fault of their own have walked away from settlements with little more than a heap of medical debt and no way to pay it back. Don't become one of these tragic statistics! Hire a licensed, professional personal injury attorney in Hillsboro, Portland, Tigard, Beaverton and beyond, and get the proper financial reparations you deserve for your pain and suffering.


After a serious accident, whether automotive or otherwise, the first thing you should do is always seek medical assistance. The second thing you must do is contact a lawyer, and see if your case will hold up in court. Even if your injuries are minor, seeking medical attention and legal aid is imperative to ensure that your minor accidents don't blossom into serious conditions, but if they do, you're financially able to deal with them. Often a small accident, such as a sprain, will become exacerbated through overuse, and can lead to serious medical problems if it isn't dealt with. If you're injured on the job, or have to stop working because of your accident, you should seek an attorney like Ernest M. Jenks, PC, who specializes in workers compensation to ensure that you get the financial aid you need.


For over two decades, Ernest M. Jenks, PC, has been helping individuals suffering from personal injuries and accidents. He is one of Oregon's premier car accident lawyers. So if you've been injured and want to get what is justly owed to you by the negligent and responsible party, call us today and schedule a free consultation. A professional attorney