Pedestrian Accident Attorney Aloha, Personal Injury Lawyer in Hillsboro, OR

Oregon is well known for their safe and courteous drivers, their wide streets and their low speed limits. This provides a great deal of peace for those among us who prefer to walk instead of drive from place to place. However, while Oregon is a safe driving state, it isn't immune to its fair share of pedestrian related accidents. The truth is that despite our expert drivers, we also regularly see pedestrians get hurt due to bad, irresponsible, negligent or angry driving. If you or a loved one has been on foot and has been in an accident involving a motor vehicle, then you may be entitled to legal action, resulting in a monetary settlement.


Obviously, the first step to take after a pedestrian-vehicle accident is to get immediate medical assistance. It is important that the pedestrian brings to the doctor's attention all bruises, bumps, sprains, cuts and scrapes. It doesn't matter how small, as often times, small injuries will blossom into much larger injuries if they go untreated. These injuries should be recorded and accounted for so as to enhance the perspective of the accident. Your next step should be to call a professional personal injury lawyer in Hillsboro, OR, such as Ernest M. Jenks, PC, who, for the past two decades, has been providing Portland, Hillsboro, Tigard, Beaverton and beyond with exceptional legal counsel.


So if you've been involved in a pedestrian-motor vehicle accident, pick up your phone now and call Ernest M. Jenks, and schedule a consultation for no charge at all. A licensed attorney will review your case and assess the best course of action for you specifically. Remember, you can recover from your accident, and Ernest M. Jenks is here to assist in making your recovery process as easy as possible through expert legal counsel. Call now.