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Oregon premises liability law states that any property owner, be it retail, industrial, hospitality service or a private residence take specific precautionary actions to ensure that nobody is injured. It is the law that anything which may potentially be harmful be dealt with. However, sometimes, these precautions and policies are sidestepped for a variety of reasons, and people are harmed, seriously injured and sometimes killed as a result. If you've been involved in a premises liability related incident through no fault of your own, then you are most likely entitled to legal compensation from the negligent party. However, proving that you aren't at fault can often be tricky, which is why premises liability attorneys in Aloha, such as Ernest M. Jenks are so vital in receiving proper compensation through these painful times in your life.


After receiving medical assistance for a premises liability related accident, the first thing you should do is seek the counsel of a professional attorney, such as Ernest M. Jenks to take proper legal action in the allowed window of time. For over two decades, Ernest M. Jenks has successfully guided hundreds of cases just like your own to legal success and has helped them receive the compensation that they deserve for their pain and suffering. Even small accidents should be treated with the utmost severity, as it is not uncommon for a seemingly small injury such as a sprain or bruise to have serious medical repercussions in the future.


Don't wait on filing a claim! Call Ernest M. Jenks today and schedule a free consultation in your personal injury case. As a top injury lawyer in Portland, Aloha, Beaverton and beyond, Ernest M. Jenks is absolutely dedicated to the wellbeing of his clients! You will be promptly scheduled with a licensed attorney, who will review your case, and help you take the first steps towards receiving the restitutions entitled to you in your case! Act now!