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Suffering as the result of negligent or irresponsible action or non-action on behalf of another can be frustrating and painful. Knowing that an injury could have been avoided if someone had put up a sign properly, used a turn signal, and so on, can add frustration to anyone suffering from catastrophic injuries. While medicine, therapy and time are the best ways to ensure maximum recovery from these accidents, these types of accidents can dampen or halt productivity or drastically alter lives. This can be an enormous stress on someone suffering from a major injury, such as brain damage, severe burns, spinal cord injury or paralysis. Their loved ones can also suffer and it's tragic to see things fall apart due to these accidents.


This is why it's imperative to pursue legal action against the responsible party in the event of an accident resulting in severe trauma. The medical procedures to treat these types of injuries are extremely expensive, and while you and your family are pooling money into medical bills, other financial aspects tend to fly undetected, which causes unnecessary stress. A professional spinal cord injury lawyer in Hilsboro, such as Ernest M. Jenks, can help ensure that your family is able to make ends meet during these tough times, and gives you the breathing room necessary to cope with the situation at hand.


Call Ernest M. Jenks today, and set up a consultation with a licensed, specialized organ damage attorney today, and learn about your best course of action for stabilizing financially after a traumatic accident. For over two decades, Ernest M. Jenks has been providing Portland, Hillsboro, Beaverton and beyond with professional grade legal representation and has been responsible for thousands of families recuperating after horrific accidents. Call today!